Trytone Staff


C.C. McMillian - Mixer

C.C. McMillian has a strong passion for sound and was able to manifest skills in the auditory arts after meeting Brian Joseph. Graduate of the Made In New York Training Program, C. C. has gained detailed experience as a Sound Mixer, Boom Operator and Sound Utility under the tutelage of Trytone Sound's senior mixers. Working her way up from Intern to Boom Operator she has become a solid sound mixer working on feature films, commercials, documentary and reality based shoots.


David Tiger-Cortes - Boom Op

David Tiger-Cortes has always been captivated by the impact of sound in filmmaking. His deep rooted interest led him to join forces with Trytone Sound as a Boom Operator after successfully completing the rigorous Trytone Sound Internship Program. Also a graduate of MINY, working on set is second nature to him.

Edwin Diagon - Mixer

Edwin Diagon started in post-production and worked closely with filmmakers, and music artists to enhance their work through sound. His interest in on-set sound led him to take up sound mixing. Mixing everything from feature films to broadcast television, Edwin adds his vast knowledge of post and production to make his onset mixes very warm and clean.

Being a full time Trytone Sound mixer, Edwin has access to every tier of mixer packages plus the experience and staff necessary to run any size sound crew down to an army of one.