Joshua Hilson


Joshua, the founder of Trytone Sound, has been in the recording industry for almost 20 years. Leaving the world of recording and producing music behind, he moved into the high paced world of film. Running a post house (Little Monster Post) while honing his chops as an on-set sound mixer, his passion for sound grew to a new level allowing him to become a top mixer in the field. Still overseeing the inner workings of Trytone Sound, as a union sound mixer he travels around the globe to mix on set when's not training the staff, and interns. He is involved with all aspects of Trytone Sound that give this company its awesome touch.


Brian Joseph

Head of Production Sound

Brian is a senior partner at Trytone Sound and is the head of production sound. He has been in production for nearly a decade. A graduate of the Made in New York Production Assistant Training Program, Brian never considered a career in sound mixing until one day when he acted as a replacement sound mixer on a webseries and realized that he had the love and gift it took to become a great mixer and run a great sound department. After deciding to pursue this possibility he was introduced to Joshua Hilson who hired him as a boom op on an indie film. After many jobs together, Joshua and Brian became partners and formed Trytone Sound. Brian now mixes all levels of set sound as well as runs the internship program that trains mixers and boom operators for Trytone Sound.


Evan Joseph

Head of Post-Production

Evan is a senior partner and the head of post-production sound design as well as the in-house music composer at Trytone Sound. Evan graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa where he studied music composition and electronic music. His love for all the elements of sound, paired with the techniques that he learned during his studies have enabled him to become a prolific music composer and skilled sound artist. By doing so, Evan has been able to fulfill his dream of working in the film industry. Evan teaches performing arts, private music lessons and produces for a number of talented music artists on the side when he's not commanding the post division at Trytone Sound.

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